Golden Retriever Rescue - South Africa

Please note that we are not a rescue centre and do not always have dogs needing homes.

Volunteer run by individuals who love Goldens and give their time to help dogs who are in need.

If you have a Golden that you need to re-home please contact us so we can assist you.

If you would like to adopt a Golden please do read the FAQ to make sure that a Golden is indeed the right breed for you and you for them. You can fill in the questionnaire on the Adoptees page so we have all your details.

You can make a difference in the life of a Golden who needs you!


Considerations and questions before you decide to

adopt a Golden.

Golden Retriever Rescue South Africa will share information on other rescue organizations on this page.

Please do let us know if you know of any that we have not listed. Information on adding us as a link also available.

Happy Days

Happy Endings is what we are all striving for.

Read more about Goldies who have found their furever home!

We seek permanent, loving homes for the Goldens in need

We encourage love and respect for all animals

We need a network of people who would be willing to foster Goldies on occasion. If you are in a position to be a foster home please contact us on goldenrescuesa@gmail.com

How does Golden Retriever Rescue work?AdopteesHappy Days

When we re-home a Golden, we ask for a donation so we have the funds to help future dogs needing to be re-homed, to cover possible veterinary costs, kennelling etc.

On this page you will find the forms to fill in to either adopt a Golden or to surrender one

Please do visit our Facebook page for Goldens available for adoption. We update the Facebook page as we get dogs for adoption so do visit often as there may not be a rescue available at the moment. Link available on the page.

Visit our Happy Days page to read “tails” from families who have rescued a Golden. - Latest addition is Ollie.


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If you want a companion who will want to be by your side with unconditional love then a Golden is for you. Goldens should be part of the family. They not only need love but also exercise, training and stimulation.