Happy Days and Happy Families

Mila & Vinny

I have recently moved into a new house in Parkview and being a firm believer that all children should grow up with Goldies (I have a son of 4 months old), I spoke to Liezel about whether she knew of any adults looking for a loving home. Liezel mentioned that a man in Centurion was unable to give his retrievers the attention they needed and he was considering re-homing them. After a few days we chatted again and Liezel happily told me that she would send me an email with his contact details.

After chatting to Deon he could hear how excited I was and how much love they would receive in my home, so he agreed to bring them round to me the following week. This gave me a week to get organised and I shopped up a storm buying beds, treats, food, bowls, brushes, collars, leads and anything else I could think of to make them feel welcome and loved.

Milly and Dennis (now called Mila and Vinny) arrived on Friday 10 August at about 10h00 and have been a big part of the family since they jumped out of the car. They were initially very excited to be in a new environment and have settled in beautifully. They both sleep in their soft beds in my room, have a toy box at their disposal filled with their best toys to chew  and have become firm friends with my 2 cats (Rafa and Schatzi) - everyone laughs at us at night as Mila, Vinny, Rafa and Schatzi all line up to be fed treats when they come in at night. We walk in the park daily and they love greeting news dogs and making friends with all of the kids who come up to greet them. They had never been off their leads before coming to me so I am in the process of training them to run, play and come back when off their leads in the park.

Mila has also taken to lying on the pool net with her tennis ball or soft toy in her mouth when she gets too warm and has mastered the art of running both on and off the net!

A big thank you to Liezel for assisting us in finding these two gems. We have a very happy family. They are a big part of it and will be forever!